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So.... replaced the Blower Motor on my 95' E34 540i over the weekend with fewer problems as I expected. One thing I noticed, and I wish I would have snapped a photo is my White Strap that secures the housing did not have the center bolt/nut and no place for one, just smooth plastic. Additionally, the bottom of the strap was gone. I simply inserted another wire tie into the hole where the bottom of the strap should have been and connected to the existing White one coming over the top of the housing. Appeared secure so closed er' up. since I decided to work on the HVAC area I also thought it would be a good time to swap out the Cabin Filter since I never did. Not sure of it's age however could have been original. Nevertheless the change in the amount of air from the vents was unexpected. Forgot what it should have been, probably 4 or 5 times what it was prior to the swap. That process was painless as well. The only problem I really had was to understand whether-or-not the filter was properly in place. By that I mean there is not "Snap" or such to know it is positioned correctly. A bit cumbersome to get to since your face is firmly planted against the passenger-side floor mat in order to see what you are supposed to do. Lastly I recommend cleaning out the filter housing with a vacuum with a small tool end less than an inch in width. Lots of debris in that cavity and no way way could clean it any other way. All in all if I was timed with the cabin filter replacement, I think I could do it in 15 minutes. Well worth the time, money and effort considering the benefits.
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