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Originally Posted by ///fast5 View Post
since you have codes for cyl 5-8 i would recommend disassemble vanos control on right side which is gonna be oil fill cap side. and clean it with parts cleaner. then replace each o-ring that you supply from bmw dealer. be careful with the vanos board during removal. then put it back and check if you have signal after repair hasbeen performed. make sure wiring and connector is in good shape.

OP has a bad CPS and a vanos control code.

Are you saying you would launch into the repair you recommend PRIOR TO, or CONCURRENT WITH the CPS replacement?

Or would you replace the CPS, drive it, see what happens?

Now, having said that, fouling and leaking of the VANOS solenoids is a common failure mode- and in fact can be 'silent' and trip no codes but still cause issues...but in terms of a sequential diagnostic, you do the obvious (or easiest) first. (Which is the CPS)

Of course there are complete diagnostic posts, cleaning and repair details on that "other forum" such that people really shouldnt rely on posts here for the M5 but rather search there.

Keep it as simple as possible...but no simpler.
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