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I apologize for basically duplicating another thread on this topic but I wanted to add one with a topic that was crystal clear.

My local CT dealer wanted to charge me $470 to replace my front Eagle LS2. Thanks to this forum, and after a quick call to an awesome Goodyear company, my cost was $57.

I was amazed that Goodyear told me that all of the runflats are covered for 6 years. After 12 months the coverage is adjusted based on usage but really, this is fantastic. I have runflats on my corvette that I bought 4 years ago and they are also covered!

And this coverage is on defects AND road hazards. I was also told that if you needed 2 or even 4 tires based on the Car MFG recommendations, that Gyear will "assist."

For those considering Tire and Wheel insurance, what you are really buying is Wheel insurance and possibly some "extra" road hazard since the Goodyear warranty is adjusted based on use.

Let's face it, 6 years is way longer than the tires will even last for most drivers.

Gyear also mentioned that they are considering a policy change in the coming months where they may be removing this coverage on their runflats. So, if you are in need of new tires soon, it may be worth it to buy them now while they still come with a 6-yr Defect/Road Hazard Warranty.

It's disappointing that my Service Adviser conveniently pleaded ignorance on this information. BMW sells way too many Gyear runflats for the service team not to know that Gyear covers ALL of its runflats.

We should expect a little more respect from our BMW dealers. Of course, they assume we will believe their BS and just pay the bill.
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