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Originally Posted by Gigglebox View Post
The new (2013) Boxster S is... well it's incredible. The redesigned exterior (IMO) is fantastic. The top of the car is a lot more flat than it was in years past and the front end is a little more squared off. I'd always thought that they were too rounded for my tastes, but the new one looks like a damn supercar. It drives like its on a rail, daring you to push it harder into turns.

Unfortunately, they're also more expensive and you're unlikely to see the deals that you will from BMW.

I love the Z4. They're (IMO) more pleasant inside, particularly with the added tech (comfort access, iDrive, etc). Spec'd out, they are nearly identical from a performance perspective. Hard to beat the hard top.
This is just about right. I had a 2009 Boxster for 3 years before getting my 2012 Z4. The other thing about the Porsche is that it is considerably stiffer (hence the "rides on rails" comments) - and it does. BUT - you feel every little crack and bump in the road right up from your butt to your neck. If that doesn't bother you, then that's that. But after a while, it gets really annoying if not downright uncomfortable. The Boxster's mid engine obviously helps the handling, but it also provides an absolutely delicious exhaust note on acceleration that the Z4 just ain't got. Having said that, when in sport or sport+ mode (DCT of course) the Z4's downshift rumble is a sexy sound.

I considered a new Boxster, but reasonably well equipped, it was around $73K, and only $1K off. My 35i Z4 was stickered at $66K, and I got it for $60K.

Also - the Z4 is maintenance cost free for 4 years. The P-Car (to put it simply) ain't!. I'm glad I had a Porsche at least once in my life, but am even more glad to be driving the Z4 (oh - I also have a 328i X-drive sportswagon that gives me a nice change of pace when I'm in the "big car" mood) I have no opinion on the MB.

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