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Originally Posted by jjsC6 View Post
First of all, I've never heard of a 7 year 100,000 mile warranty, but I've never bought extended warranties. Second, if he thought you were rude for not bringing it to his attention sooner he is an asshat, and I would treat him accordingly. My question to you, do you really drive the car under 10,000 miles a year?

BTW, my fundamental answer to your question is that if you signed it knowing that you were signing for 70,000 miles, I would go back and change it. It sounds to me like it really was an honest mistake, but I still would make him pay for his attitude somehow. Drink all the free coffee you can at the dealer while you are there. That is my standard joke when a dealer offers me something to drink....I want everything I can get for free because I know I'm about to pay dearly for it!
Yeah, they do offer 7YR/100K warranty (

I think the dude made the error because I was negotiating hard and even declined extended warranty, if it is not within my price range.. making him turn a little red during negotiations.

Honestly, I really do not see any diff b/w 70K and 100K warranty. Will gladly sign the 70K amended document and send it back.

But given his demeanor and (in general) the notoriety of dealers and how they try to nickel and dime you to death, I am thinking of ignoring the dude and not pick up calls when he demands that I re-sign the contract.

He cannot come after me legally, I hope?
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