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New 1985 325e

Hello all,
I have been DDing my 1985 325e since I got it about a month ago. It is the car featured in this thread by the PO, and the backstory is located there:

Here are some pics:

Driving home from the deal:

Installing the black door panels this evening:

I have plenty that I need to do to it. Here's my to-do list, in rough order of priority:

Replace seats done
Fill star crack in windshield
Shift fix
Valve adjustment
Fix oil leaks
LR doorhandle
SI board
Low exhaust
Instrument cluster- odo gears, bulbs, SI batteries, reflow solder joints
Take out seats and clean carpet (replace w/ black?)
Intake boot
Check fan clutch
Get new key
Install new dash (in hand, install needed)
Seats - upholster bolster
Paint repair
Kick panel
Replace door panels with black ones done
AC conversion

I would like your input on a few of these items. I've done some research (quite a bit, actually) but I still would love some confirmation or correction on some things.

1. Shifter needs help. I have the problem of needing to pull the shifter into the console to get it into reverse, as well as the shifter being very loose. I also hear a once-per-revolution scraping noise when I'm in reverse, or when shifting into 1 or 2 with the lever held to the left. I gather that this is caused by worn out shifter bushings, and I can get those from Pelican. Sound right? $100+ seems expensive!

2. Oil consumption. The car eats a good bit of oil. I got low without realizing it on a recent trip. Where should I check for oil leaks?

3. Valve adjustment. This is simple, but one question- am I adjusting both intake and exhaust valves to .010?

4. Keys. I want a spare key. Where can I just get a key made? Dealer wants tons of money from a VIN-cut key. Also, my ignition is worn out- I have to be careful to put the key in perfectly straight or it won't go. Should I replace my whole ignition? That'd be a chore, I'm sure...

5. How bad is carpet replacement? I know where to get just some rolls of automotive carpet. Can I pretty much just take out the seats and cut to fit?

6. My trunk release button is sticky. How should I lubricate it?

Thanks everyone!
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