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Originally Posted by anE934fun View Post
Ummm. Perhaps it is you who is mis-informing? In your post #35, you state:

So, what is it? A or B? Full support of MAP involves the display of e-mail text in addition to the display of SMS messages. As you and others have posted, at present, iOS v. 6.0 provides partial support for MAP. The unknown is whether Apple is going to modify iOS to enable full support of MAP.
It is both.

You stated that "Doesn't look like Apple is going to be supporting MAP" although it does. Whether it is full or no support that's the clarification I made above.

I have been posting my experience with testing out different smartphones and their support (or non-support) for MAP. If you have a problem with my results, perhaps you could identify which test result is problematic?
If you take some time to search you will find out that iOS6 full support of MAP was present in one of its beta versions. Both the emails and texts were transfered and displayed.

The release version broke it...

This is not a pissing contest. There are about 5 different threads running in this forum about this issue, with enough clear and definitive information (at least to me) showing exactly what's going on. Now, if you are bringing new and detailed information, great. However, starting with "Apple not supporting MAP" is not so great a start.
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