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Originally Posted by apw2607 View Post
There's no technical reason why iPod out / plugin cant exist as a split screen and have the assist window still visible (just like playing a DVD video) ... And thats whats happening here, in a crude sense. The iPhone is sending analog video out to the CICs video input(s).

That said ... The rumor is ... Apple didn't approve of the split screen. They didn't want their UI to coexist with bmws own UI on the same screen.

So ... iPod out takes the full screen !

From an Apple standpoint it makes sense, but from a driver standpoint it really doesn't. I'd be livid if I'd spent $250 on a snap-in adapter to find out that I'm trapped in Apple's space-wasting UI and couldn't take advantage of the split-screen on all that real estate. It's far more important to see where I'm going than it is to see Adele staring at me.

Ironically, the album cover art is larger on the split-screen BMW UI than it is on the full-screen Apple UI.


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