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Originally Posted by George Allan View Post
No hesitation on ours, it can be driven exactly how you want . It loves all modes available-- can be driven very gently to very agressive ( 2013 4cy )

George Allan
I truly envy you as you seem to be one of those lucky ones.
Nevertheless, I have instructed my IT staff to post my complaints about our X3 to several web pages AND post them on every major search engine. In about 7 to 10 weeks BMW will see the (financial) results of my complaining. They didn't listen once, they will listen when it will be very expensive (for them) to listen. By then there will be a certain drop in the number of new X3 and X5 customers in Canada and the U.S. -- and it will be followed by more work.

At this time my IT staff must spend on publicizing my BMW complaints only 1 hour a day. It gets better as time goes by. I never get mad... but I always get even. :-)
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