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15k oil with warranty beat that !

Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil 15k miles/ 1 year :

Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil's warranty ! :

And extended oil filters with warranty (though they say that you shouldn't need to change the stock filter) :

Got this from a customer review off wal-mart's website (and its only US$27 for 5w30 there ! )

It will save you money in the long run!02/25/2012
" My wife drives about 28,000 miles a year. I started using Mobil 1 Extended range in her car the first oil change in it. It is a 2003 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder. It now is approaching 219,000 miles. It is running fantastic. I am a believer in this oil because I change the oil every 15k miles. It saves me 4 oil changes a year over regular oil and 2 oil changes a year over synthetic. Thats about 60 to 80 bucks a year, PLUS I don't have to crawl under her car as often. I Highly recommend this oil! That is why I use it in ALL my vehicles! "

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