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1. Dont expect dealers to post a DAMN thing of any utility. Other than 'retail platitudes'...

2. "Flagship customer"??? Ha Ha. there are plenty flagship customers, if you get unhappy they'll jsut replace you. I am 100% serioius.'

3. BMW may not work faster, and being a thorn may not get your car faster, but it will CERTAINLY result in your getting compensated for your losses.

4. Once BMW has taken the cars 'out of service' the lemon clock begins. What is uncertain is the OPs specific situation where the car is being held in the EU prior to USA delievery. Customers with cars in the US that were told to "stop driving" will have slam-dunk lemon claims once the time limit is reached- and should press claims with BMWNA only offering to forfeit future lemon claims due to this one defect if BMW provides significant compensation. And not 'one months lease payment'

5. BMWNA and their dealer network is working diligently to calm the public and owners and put the very best spin on this that they can be sure of that. Oh, and a few folks are trying to get parts out. Also remember that they will ge preference to production lines, as THIS is where the real (read corporate valuation) value lies. Not with 'flagship customers'

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