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Originally Posted by Jen4BMW View Post
Great stuff Tipsy. Thanks! I'll ride your coat tails and trust your research. You'll have to let me know what you finally choose for both tires and wheels. One question...without run flats do you just call a tow truck if a tire goes down?

Is there any advantage to getting OEM BMW wheels or isn't there anything overly special about them except the badge in the middle and their hefty price tag? Just out of curiously when you order tires and wheels do you have them sent directly to your home or sent directly to a shop for installation? I live in an apartment and cringe at the thought of hauling tires and wheels around myself. What shop in the Twin Cities are you using?

Just out of curiously do you have DHP on your X3? I can't say I really have any complaints with the Goodyear LS2's as the rides really nice especially in sport mode.

Jen, sorry it took me so long to respond to you.

As far as the non runflats, I will carry a portable 12v compressor, a patch kit and a can of slime (sealant). I might grab a Continental MobilityKit which appears to fit the bill but haven't researched that much yet. Tbh, I haven't experienced a flat on any vehicle in a couple decades and am not really worried about it. Might join AAA but otherwise we don't travel long distance much during winter months so we are always close to a dealership or repair shop.

We have DHP and I use it almost exclusively in sport mode. I just don't like the ride of RFTs, the stiffer sidewall makes them crashy over bumps compared with a non-RFT. And they cost too much, and weigh a ton.

I'll be using Paul Williams Tire shop because I ordered wheels and tires separately so will need them mounted and balanced. I ended up ordering some nice rotary forged CSL style wheels in 18x8.5 from and got free shipping. I was not comfortable with anything cheaper than the Enkei brand cast wheels from tirerack and these were the same price so no-brainer. Although it will limit how narrow a tire I can use, which is fine. Paid an extra $120 for 4xOEM center caps and 4xM stickers.

Also have decided to order the Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 (non RFT) in the 245/50R18 along with TPMS sensors from tirerack. I'm having everything shipped to my home and I'll take it over to Paul Williams in a couple weeks or so.

Total for wheels, tires, center caps, installed with labor will be right around $2100. It's on the high end of what we wanted to spend but I'm satisfied with the wheel quality and think the tires will be worth the premium.

I called Motorwerks and Minnetonka yesterday and they are both selling the 18" 307 rims with Pirelli Sottozero Serie II RFTs for $2800. That's actually a good price for the package and the BMW wheels will be very high quality.

You might call and ask either the dealerships or Paul Williams about winter tire storage, I'm sure they all offer something.
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