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Originally Posted by itswendy View Post
UPDATE: The brand new 2013 BMW 335i with the failed iDrive is still at dealer for repair. They emailed me this morning stating they are replacing the iDrive and the car should be ready tomorrow afternoon. Still no word from BMW North America, whom the dealer had asked me to call.
They should provide an invoice that shows exactly what parts were replaced and what services work was done.

As Technic indicated, it should be possible to replace a single component that is having trouble, such as the COMBOX, etc, and have you on your way.

The entire i-drive system consists of multiple "things" as well as the wiring and software that makes it all work.

The worst case scenario is that there is bad wiring in the car somewhere, which can be very tedious to troubleshoot, but which can be fixed also.

I hope your car gets fixed. I have never had i-drive lock up or reboot on me and consider it to actually be pretty good. I use it typically 90-120 minutes a day on the days that I commute.
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