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People that do not have this issue may dismiss it all they want. My intention for this thread was for anyone with steering wheel vibration (not an active safety feature, as some have suggested ) to post their story and to discuss potential resolution to the issue.

I tried to take a video the other day, but I couldn't find a straight enough road and the iPhone camera wasn't able to pick it up. I really need a mount to get a good shot. In my vehicle, the wheel moves back and forth approx. 1-2 degrees at a rate of ~2Hz. Because of the low level of rotational movement, I only notice it when gripping the wheel lightly, such as when cruising down a straight. This really annoys me, and I have found myself paying more attention to the steering wheel when I am driving than enjoying my new car. I have also noticed it getting worse with mileage, even after the dealer did a "good faith" balance of the wheels (I put that in quotes, but I do indeed appreciate their effort).

I know I am not "an anal retentive BMW owner" because this is my first BMW and my other vehicle is a Civic Si. The civic exhibits no steering wheel shake or vibration and I don't expect the ultimate driving machine to either.

I'm trying to decide what my next move is. It seems pointless at this time to take it back into the dealer. Everyone, please keep posting here any hits or misses you have with getting this issue resolved. I'm sure we will get it at some point....
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