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Originally Posted by Kdoherty View Post
Matt, this car sucks. You should leave a flaming bag of dog poop on the front step of whoever sold it you's house.

EDIT: I had a Ford taurus that had the 2.9 with a dizzy and when it got "warm" it would stop running and cease to start, after months of it just shutting off in random places i found that the cam/crank sensor in the dizzy housing went bad and I replaced it with a junkyard dizzy and it solved all my woes. I'm not saying that it's your problem, but the sensors, all the sensors are worth looking into.
Df said something about the crank or cam sensor. Yours was located in the distributor?

Originally Posted by TheFinanceGuy View Post
Now you understand why they sold it so cheap...
I keep thinking "he's got it this time!" Then nope. Just kidding.
Time to part out?
Nah, I am not giving up until it blows up or runs!
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