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Originally Posted by energizedmortal View Post
As a e39 owner I used to make 45 k a year doing entry level IT. Bought the car in 2007 for $15000, spent 6k more to get it up to spec. Got laid off in 2012. 26 now might move to Dominican Republic to do agriculture on grandparents farm. Chickens, cows, bulls, river in the backyard. NO property tax but ill be walking around barefoot. If I land a gig like f10 caking 60k I'd get a 2012 535 red with beige 10 years from now when the maintenance and computer DIYs are all ironed out.

I agree with some previous comments - the f10 drivers I know personally are either trust fund babies, retired, in the black market, or have skills few have and have high salaries. One guy i know lost a leg won a lawsuit and ordered a GT model for 80k. Most people I know work two jobs at Walmart and Starbucks and still don't have enough to keep up with inflation let alone a f10 they can't redline up before getting to the store down the street. And even though its heavier overpriced has steering and throttle question marks with no oil dipstick and is highly computerized- it's still my favorite car. The body and interior is immaculate, as far quality build we"ll find out soon when they start clocking more than 50,000 miles. Europe is still picky about recycling plastic so I'm sure they"ll be a market for the cooling system.
The DR is an awesome place ....... do IT for a big bank like Popular there?

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