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Originally Posted by AutoUnion View Post

This is the ROM. It doesn't have native wifi tethering. I downloaded FoxFi to tether to my Macbook Pro and iPad on the go. Even if it doesn't support BT tethering though, just download PDANet. It has the support (BT) that you are looking for.

Our iDrives aren't coded for iDrive tethering, so I can't confirm. I know people have done it aftermarket. Not sure if this rom does it though.

I don't have photos in my contacts on my phone, so can't confirm if iDrive transfers them over.
Thanks for looking this up!
So, PDANet connects with iDrive? And you can browse from iDrive? I'm sure you did, but you enable the bluetooth tethering option on the phone, and then re-paired your phone with the car?

Too bad US version of iDrive is limited. They really want us to go the conv plan route.
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