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Originally Posted by 1995i540 View Post
Not sure what 'running fantastic' is. The dude has a Toyota **** box that can run on the engine oil it came with and be fantastic. I don't really like Mobil-1, it's a butt dyno but I always feel that my car likes Castrol Edge better.

I read that Mobil-1 US is not as quality as it used to be in order to price it self lower for the competition/cut costs. Changing oil at 15K makes me feel wierd.
Mobil1's reputation is well established worldwide. That the manufacturer is prepared to issue a warranty settles the question about its quality. Naturally, preferences differ.

15k oil change is going to feel weird at first and understandably so. This is a major mindset change for everyone. Might I suggest that you start at 11k, then 12k, then eventually 15k and monitor your car's performance along the way. I'm going to start at 10k then 12k then 14k and 15k, with a stock filter change at every least until I get one of their extended performance filters.
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