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Yes or no (M3 Man)

Hi M3 enthusiasts! I am a proud owner of bmw m3 coupe 2010. Basically a stock car in white. Nothing extra except a aluminium brush trim on the dashboard and an alarm. Manual transmission of course. I currently have 11,000 miles on the car. Had to replace a vacuum pump and sensor a year ago when the car went into safe mode for the aforementioned failure. Warranty covered that -- thank goodness.

So here is my dilemma? I have paid the car off in full and had done the European delivery. You have to do it once in your life. It is a blast! I do not know how much in general terms it would cost me to maintain the car after the warranty expires next year in November. I can budget and save at least $5,000 for the car every year. Would that be enough? If I started budgeting more, I would take a hit on my lifestyle of traveling that I so love around the world. I have seen 48 countries, but want to see 52 more before I die. So I need money to travel too. Like I said I love my car so much. Petrol prices I don't care about. Just would $5000 be enough to maintain and service the car every year? I know it is a very difficult question to answer, but some input would be nice from owners. The car is driven hard on ramps and off ramps and on tight corner and coming out of those corners and going in them. Aside from that, I just drive like a regular driver.

I hate to sell the car? But I do not want to spend more than that every year. Also, I usually will never go over 7000 miles a year. BMW offered me a extended warranty for $5,200 for three extra years and 70,000 miles. And they offered me a maintenance package for three extra years for another $5,000. Seems like a rip-off with the low miles I have on the car? Just need some input from fellow enthusiasts?

I only make $73,000 a year, but with masters I will go up to $78,000 and will keep getting raises until I reach $87,000. Then if get promoted to be a assistant principal (yep, you are right, I am an educator), I can go to $120,000 a year.

I am torn between keeping the car and selling it. I do own a condo. I have a good saving over 100k, but do not want to use that on a car. This was my dream car and even if I was a millionaire, I would still get this car. And no I am not married or have children.

I can do the brakes myself and the tires costing $2000.00 is not a big deal for me because I only drive the car less than 7,000 miles a year. But every time I drive it, I feel I was behind a jet engine on the road. It has a feeling of exhilaration that is priceless to me and the rumble of the naturally aspirated V8 S65 engine is the best sound I have ever heard -- especially in high revolutions per minute.

The car in immaculate and will continue to be with my passion for these cars. I have saved 10 years to get this car.

Need some input or just some common advice.

Warmest regards -- Eros

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