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Originally Posted by Fast Bob View Post
The R.I.F. Principle....(Reading Is Fundamental)

The term is "BRAKES", Skippy, not "breaks", which is something altogether different. If you had done a little homework, you would have found that rotors *rarely* warp, and your problem is probably either suspension-related, or pad deposits built up on your rotors. Try bedding the brakes again.
I inherited the car with the "warping" issue. And I apologize for the misspelling my overly sympathetic friend, it's 1am here and I've just gotten done with work (on a business trip, not home). I was told that it was "warped" rotors when I got the car so that's what I reported the problem as, as I had no idea. Also RIF == RTFM, but I suppose that's a less kind way of putting it. & I appreciate your response despite its caddish nature. I'll be sure to do more research in the future.
Post fixed for your pleasure.

Dreaming of the ///M.

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