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Originally Posted by falter View Post
Okay so I talked to the shop and I showed them what I had found out about this pulley. Just so we have the terms right, we are talking about the wheel-shaped thing with the teeth that has weights to balance the vibration of the engine (?) and the teeth are read by the crankshaft position sensor above.

What is happening right now is if the car is revved above 4000rpm, it almost dies, or does if you push the issue. The sensor that is in there now is one I got from ebay for around $80. The shop says it is throwing weird signals at 4000rpm.

They are saying this is caused by the wheel above or pulley, whatever the proper name is, 'bouncing around'. ie, it's not doing a nice clean spin, it is 'orbiting' a little horizontally.
Well, if there is some abnormal movement in any of the pulleys or the harmonic balancer, you should be able to see it with your naked eye. Ask them to point it out to you.

I agree with Ethirty that the CPS cannot be read live. If there are any problems with the CPS, you'll get a CPS sensor error code. Pull your codes via the stomp test or a code reader and see what you've got there.

I'm not sure if they are screwing with your head though. Their description of the problem seems pretty detailed. Why don't you try to look at the engine as best as you can while it is running to see if anything looks amiss? Either that or you'll have to see it when it runs while winched up.

Be careful when you lean over into the engine bay. Brace yourself with your hands correctly to avoid falling in case you somehow slip (it happens).
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