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If the vibration was not present before replacing the brakes one of the rotors is most likely warped. If you are not feeling it through the steering wheel, it is most likely the rear. Remove the rotors and check for rust on the hub or debris between the hub and rotor that may not let the rotor sit flush with the hub. Unless you have a dial indicator, it will be difficult to tell which rotor is out of round. To verify the fronts are ok, safely remove both hands from the steering wheel and apply brakes till you feel the vibration while watching the wheel. If the wheel moves side to side, check the front for issues. Sometimes it is hard to feel the vibration in the wheel even though you can feel it in the vehicle. Although I do not like to resurface European and slotted or cross drilled rotors, I have done so. On most Asian and Domestic cars, I resurface new rotors before installing. You would be surprised the amount of rotors that are not true out of the box. The post you linked looks like the issue was present before the brakes were replaced. If that is the case, look elsewhere. If there were no issues present prior to replacing the brakes, go there first.
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