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wow this forum is busy! i had to go back three pages to find my thread!

Okay so iI got the car started and is drivable properly, have taken it around the block a few times, so worth fixing it up ive decided.

Today, i was working on it and left the key in the ignition and the wind caught the door and closed it, with key inside, and somehow the car locked in the process. My only key is stuck inside the vehicle. I do however have the boot open and have put a rag in there to stop it from closing overnight. But is there any way to acess the interior from the boot? this model does have fold down rear seats which so far as i can see are only acessable from inside the car, but is there a hidden lever in the boot somewhere that i can try? or any other ideas? Getting a locksmith in id rather not do, but even if i did, whats the story with the window having to drop down?

I may not like the E36 shape, but I'm eager to learn and expand my knowledge base. i know the E30 and E34 like the back of my hand, and the E36 and E34 are very similar in lots of ways.

Thanks team

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