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Originally Posted by windsor027 View Post
Very much doubt I would ever use the Eco mode. Comfort, maybe maybe not. Now here is a question for you BJ. since you installed the last mode software does your car keep the last setting or it defaults back to comfort? The ASS to me its not a big deal, I can click a button and disable it when I start the car. But man if it can remember the last suspension setting that would be reason to do it ASAP.
The recode remembers last ASS position only. If you want to be in Sport 24/7, you need to tap the Sport rocker switch every time you start the engine.

Many of us got the ASS recode because it meant that hitting the Sport rocker was the only thing to remember to do before driving off. Without it, you need to hit ASS off and Sport on which is double the inconvenience. Sounds trivial, but it adds up especially if you take numerous short trips each day.

Keep in mind that Comfort is also the anti-nausea mode. Sport gives you rocket-like blasting power which can make wife/kids seasick, especially in traffic. Makes the accelerator a hair-trigger, takes no effort to launch. A great feature when driving solo, with passengers, different story.


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