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Originally Posted by jaredrutledge View Post
Hi all -
New to the forums and looking to purchase an e30 convertible. My current daily driver is an 88 Suzuki Samurai, which is a bit like driving a tank. great for snow and mud but not much else. I contacted this gentleman today about his car ( and am going to look it over tonight. I don't think I'll be able to have a mechanic go over it before purchasing. The seller says that, in addition to the issues listed in the ad, the suspension probably needs sorting out. from what i've seen, suspension kits for these go for around $800.

I feel reasonably handy with most normal maintenance tasks (oil, brakes, filters, electrical wiring, etc.) but haven't messed with this type of stuff before. Is it doable? Is the car a good deal? Any feedback would be appreciated. The seller seems to be a bit of an enthusiast so I don't think it's a ripoff but I am definitely just getting my feet wet in the world of e30s. thanks in advance.
I bought one about 3weeks ago and worse shape for $650. I have no clue if the TB was replaced so I have planned to do it on the next long weekend.

As far as the suspension, my wife dubbed my vert "Jouncy". The rear shocks had broken at their tops and all the springs need to be replaced. The car was like a roller coaster on every bump.

I have completed the rear suspension(Shocks and struts), I spent about $100 for the rear shocks and mounts, and $230 for 4 springs(Front and Rear). I just ordered 2 struts off ebay for $65 a pair.

As far as the Odometer goes, if it is just the ODO, and the speedo works it is probably the gear set in the speedo. There are several how-to to replace them and the parts are less than $20. If the speedo is not working consistently it is a little harder but not too much for someone of moderate skills. I ended up pulling the speedo and re-soldering all the connections on the circuit board. Sounds harder than it is.

I can tell you that I have been all smiles since I bought my 87. Even with all the issues, I really enjoy driving with the top down.
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