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Hi everyone

Firstly, thanks for an excellent thread which I have found invaluable, being a recent owner of a 2007 X3 3.0d M Sport. I'm very happy with the car but the stereo is pony, being the base 6 speaker unamplified UK spec. It really is a joke how bad the system is, in what is marketed as a premium motor. *Anyhow, having used this thread extensively to research aftermarket options, I set about searching for a set of the much recommended Alpine SPS 410 speakers as an easy retrofit. The problem is that in the UK these speakers aren't available so I opted for the closest Alpine equivalent, the SPG 10C2, in the assumption these would also slot straight in. *unfortunately, this isn't the case as the 10c2's have four mounting lugs as opposed to 3 on the 410's. *However, I have managed to get them to fit without too much hastle and thought, just in case anyone else in th UK was thinking of doing the same, id post a couple of pics of the modification I had to carry out to the speakers to get them to fit.

The first photo is the old and new, showing the mounting lugs photo1
The second shows the new speaker dummy fitted showing 2 of the lugs align with what mounting studs photo2
The third shows one of the lugs interferes with the door panel - I cut this lug off with a junior hacksaw. Warranty invalidated!! photo3
The fourth shows the speaker fitted. fabricated a simple tab washer from a steel bracket from a local DIY store which clamps down on the speaker chassis using the third mounting stud. photo4

Sorry, as a newbie I can't post pics on here yet apparently.

The whole job for both front doors took 90 mins, tops. *The results are immediately apparent. There is still loads of room for improvement but for the cost of the speakers (49), *I recommend anyone with the standard stereo carry this mod out.

Now thinking of doing the same for the rear doors, but had read somewhere on this forum that the rears don't get full range from the head unit. *Is that right? *So far as I can tell the 'standard' rears are the exact same as the 'standard' fronts which do get full range?? *Does anyone know if the rears do in fact get a full range feed from the HU as if they don't, I'm not sure it's worth replacement them?

After the rear doors, I'll probably look into the earthquake SWS midbass upgrade, with an amp in the boot (trunk). I think technic on the forum sells a jumper which bypasses the under seat speakers and sends a high level feed to the trunk and returns an amplified signal back to the under seat speakers. Not sure if it would be better to just get a 2 ch amp for the earthquakes only or a 4 ch to give the front doors a bit more punch as well? *Has anyone tried out this solution on a uk car with the technic harness? I'd be interested to know how difficult it would be to install. Note that my car doesn't have an amplifier or any audio cabling in the trunk so feed/return will had to be run in.

Finally, I may look into sortin out the EQ from the head unit by reprogramming it.....not sure if I need to do this though? Well it make that much of a difference?

Any help/tips gratefully received.

Thanks. Chris
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