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Originally Posted by RDZumbaugh View Post
Follow up - My dealer called me late yesterday to follow-up with what they've discovered about the steer wheel shaking issue. He spoke with their BMW Engineer and they admitted that this is a reported problem that BMW is actively searching for a fix. They are picking up my vehicle next Thursday to do a few tests and a hard road/tire balance (might not have understood exactly what he was saying) and they are going to open a BMW claim. Not sure what all that means but he explained that BMW will then be aware that my vehicle is having this "issue."

Let me set the record straight - someone mentioned that maybe the vehicle was designed to drive this way. It isn't. This is my 4th BMW and this is the only one that has had this problem, I know how a BMW drives, that is why I buy them. I'll also answer someones question as to whether it would keep someone from buying the vehicle IF the issue would have been known - I would have thought long and hard about buying my vehicle knowing this was an unresolved issue. I know that I would have kept my 2009 3series convertible and told them to call me once the issue is resolved. I say this only because of the unknown. Is the fix going to be minor? Will it effect the value of my vehicle? Will this effect my tires? There are so many unknowns right now, I just wouldn't have taken that chance. This isn't just a vehicle, it is an investment to me.

With that said - we are a BMW family - so we're very familiar with how these vehicles drive/ride. Friends of ours that have a 5M and a 6Conv, agree with me that they wouldn't have bought the car knowing of this unresolved issue. YES, I love this new car. This is the first time I've ordered a BMW EXACTLY the way I wanted it and have I said how much I LOVE IT!!!! It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! However, the steering wheel shakes while driving it between the speeds of 40mph - to about 60mph.

What is keeping me calm for the moment is - BMW has admitted to me that IT is a known issue that they are currently seeking a solution for. I'll be patient for now. I'll give them the opportunity to fix it and we'll go from there. IF not, Florida has the Lemon Law and someone will get my beautiful car back, which won't make me happy.
Totally agree with everything you have said, especially the bolded parts

To be honest i would have not given them the car to do anything. There is no fix. The fact that they are aware would have been where the service involvement should have ended. My scenario is very similar to yours. I took the car in once, the shop forman agreed with me, and acknowledged the issue. I had him open the puma case, which is what they will do with you, and 2 weeks later i was ordering my new car. BMW does not want you to lemon the car because it goes on the title and they cant get much for it when it goes to auction. Call BMWNA and tell them whats up, they will talk to your dealer and in about 2 weeks you can be ordering your new car(doesnt have to be another F30). They will give you back the money you have spent on the car minus a fee for mileage used.
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