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iDrive availability

Help me out, please: the prevailing opinion appears to be that iDrive is not standard on the X1. Motor Trend thinks it is. There is at least one official-looking spec sheet on a dealer's site that explicitly says it is. But if iDrive is not, in fact, standard, does that mean the only way to get the display and controller is as a part of the Technology Package? If that's the case, I would need to spend an additional $2,500 to get iDrive plus a nav system I don't even particularly want. It also significantly narrows the price gap between the X1 and the 3 series, which comes with iDrive standard. This matters to me because I can't imagine having an audio system with hard drive and streaming capability that lacks a display.

Is there an aftermarket solution? I see that you can stick some kind of DVD player in the dash, but I'm doubtful it would be recognized by the audio system. Anyone know?

Also, does BMW ever make changes mid-year, meaning is it possible they would add iDrive as standard during the 2013 production cycle?
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