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Originally Posted by mrjoed2 View Post
I started looking at a MB 550 coupe, which is still on my short list. The 650 is certainly a step up, but of course it should be for $25K more. Again lease factors are not a consideration as I am looking at a purchase. And fact is we are in the post 9/11 world, and all Mfgs have consumer incentives to some degree. I honestly don't think there's anything wrong with wanting a BMW AND a deal. Fact is as much as I like the 650, it is overpriced, with features like blind spot/lane departure a option which are standard on cars half the price. and LED's which should be standard on their halo car. Frankly the only way I will go for the 650 is with decent incentives/discounts. And frankly after doing some research, the 6 series has historically had big time depreciation, this even before BMW began customer end incentives - so it would seem logical to get it at the lowest price possible. We all know BMW makes huge profit margins on the upper end 6/7 series. And I understand it's not a domestic - but again a $2000 incentive in a $90,000 BMW is not in the same ballpark as $2000 off a $25,000 Ford or Chevy. BMW won't even feel it.

Bottom line from my point of view - BMW offered $2500 incentive last Dec on the 6er, when it was a brand new model, and can't imagine they won't do something similar this year, given it's now in it's second year, competition with MB, and European market crashing. I'll wait a bit longer ( would like the updated Idrive as well which for some bizarre reason is now in the 5 & 7 series but they skipped the 6) I do appreciate your insight. And in my case - no, it won't sell without some stimulation. And I would think dealers would love the incentives, BMW is funding them and you would get more sales - lobby Munich!!
I agree with your with you pov, who doesn't like incentives to purchase a car. At the end of the day yes I'm not expecting crazy incentives on a vehicle (unless it's last gen or it's sales dud) however I do expect some trunk money on any car.

Now will I complain that AT THIS VERY MOMENT the TRUNK MONEY ISNT THERE? YES. However BMW runs a business, and I don't purchase a car the moment I set my eyes on it. I know BMW will in the future run some sort of incentives programs which will make me want to buy the car, at the price I want to pay and then I will happily purchase it. Patients and restraint will happily snag you the right price. This is one of those time were you have to make a decision whether you want the car now at a price above what your willing to pay, vs later where new incentives might pop up.
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