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This thread seems similar to another thread we just had. We can probably start these threads using a Mad Libs game:

Well guys it is the month of ________ and the latest 3 series numbers are out.

Looks like this month there was a _______ in sales over last years numbers, things seem like they are going _______ over in Germany.

I bet that the problem is related to _______ and that Audi and Mercedes are really just ______ compared to the 3 series.

I am also pretty sure that the price has had a ________ impact on sales, at least IMHO.

Personally, I really don't see a need to buy an F30 over my _______ but I am coming here to ask your opinion on these _________ sales numbers, even though I will never buy an F30. I am really here because my home forum is a ______ of _______.

P.S. have you guys checked out the latest head to head match up between the F30 and the _______. I know the 3 series won (again) but after dissecting the review, it is pretty clear that BMW is on the _______ and the competition is catching up.
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