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Originally Posted by mrjoed2 View Post
Yes, I do want the best deal, maybe you don't. Don't like incentives? Go right ahead and pay sticker. And check the data- the resale/depreciation- has always been lousy on the 6 series even before large customer incentives, I understand that going in, but still love the car.
And are you suggesting pay a higher price for it to try to keep the resale up? Ridiculous.
And some things about BMW are hard to swallow , such as I mentioned about options that should be standard. It can be argued that BMW is being greedy, looking for huge profits, but I guess that's ok with you. As one of the other posts said, you don't become financially successful by giving it away......
I think BMW isn't being greedy, but rather trying to make a profit on their investment, which will help run their business. At the same time, it's also your business to make the best return on your investment, hence you would want to buy the 6 when the purchase price yields max benefit in options. Historically you will see that happen with BMW, as the model line gets close to an LCI or you get some business record BMW group is trying to break. I think as the year gets closer to Mayan doomsday (I had to say it, Caz it seems to have lost it popularity amongst people) the incentives tend to flow, especially with VAG tryin dominate the luxury market.

Also Mr joe, you and everyone else here works hard for every penny, why justify your philosophy of spending, just to do what you do to get you what you want on your terms. That's what everyone else does lol, no need to justify it. A friend once said to me, IT'S YOUR MONEY, USE IT ANY FREAKIN WAY YOU WANT, AS LONG AS YOUR HAPPY WITH THAT WAY!
Living by that philosophy every since!

BMW and Mercedes Build Beta Products!
Lexus build Release Candidate Products!

Why does this matter?
CAUSE EVERY TIME someone says Lexus has better build quality, one should consider what Toyota their Lexus Engine and chassis platform comes out of and how long that part has been tested in the real world!

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