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Originally Posted by need4speed View Post
Yes I have driven the F30. For me it is the same motor and tranny. Also it is more restrictive on how I can order it and it has that euro beek thing on the nose. All in all it is not nearly different enough from my e9x to make me want to run out and buy one. The same can't be said for the e46 to e90 changes. If you go back to the e36 to e46 redo you are in the same situation with BMW, but the rivals have come a very very long way since then. N4S
Why is it that everyone who didn't wait for the new bodystyle and got a 2011 instead feels like they need to come in here and take a sh-t on our cars? Aren't they treated like baller rock stars by the used car tweens in the E9X forum?

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