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Originally Posted by The X Men View Post
That is so true, in the old days, when one look for a small sporty luxury sedan, the 3 series was it. Now a days, I am not so sure. The 3 series is still the benchmark, but it is not longer a sure thing. The competition, with the same options, has a cheaper MSRP and unless you are an enthusiast, you cannot tell the difference between the way a F30 drives compare to the competition. So what does that leave BMW with? a hand full of auto enthusiast and the rest are buying the car for the badge.
Originally Posted by beden1 View Post
So, nothing has changed then?

There are no "enthusiasts" as far as BMW is concerned. And if there were, they've been taking it up the *** for 20 years, not going to stop, compromising themselves in the E90 and F30 which are the antithesis of smaller, tighter, sportier rides. BMW makes a series if accessories and derivative models for that small group, but the platform is a bigger, wider, luxurious, soft car.

It amazes me how far from reality some folks truly are. BMW hasn't forgotten you. You're just not the target audience and what that audience wants isn't an E46. It's an E39.

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