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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post

There are no "enthusiasts" as far as BMW is concerned. And if there were, they've been taking it up the *** for 20 years, not going to stop, compromising themselves in the E90 and F30 which are the antithesis of smaller, tighter, sportier rides. BMW makes a series if accessories and derivative models for that small group, but the platform is a bigger, wider, luxurious, soft car.

It amazes me how far from reality some folks truly are. BMW hasn't forgotten you. You're just not the target audience and what that audience wants isn't an E46. It's an E39.

There absolutely are enthusiast as far as BMW is concerned. They are very aware of that market, understand that that is the demographic that built the brand and they are very concerned with loosing them.

That being said BMW realizes that that market is interested in performance but also expects a certain amount of creature comforts and luxury features. The issue that I had with my 335i with the stock suspension and the RFTs was that it was a Sports/Luxury car that had serious deficiencies in both categories,

As I have stated here numerous times a good handling car does not have to have a rock hard suspension that shakes the fillings out of your teeth and damages the car when a poor surface is encountered.

If BMW goes too far in either direction (not enough performance in the name of comfort or not enough comfort in name of performance) they are going to loose sales. It is a delicate balance and the brand that pulls it off the best will sell very well.


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