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Big Brother gone wild...

I agree, fixed locations offer few problems - even the movable boxes on the side of the road can be anticipated and spotted given a sharp eye and quick reflexes - in Montgomery County, MD, speed cameras can only be located on roads that are clearly marked Photo Enforced". During day light hours you can usually see the obvious hiding locations v. open stretches where it is difficult to conceal cameras.

In general, cameras proliferate in my area , and I find that I drive with a heightened sense of awareness - looking for hidden camera threats on the side of the road and keeping an eye on my rear, hoping the guy following me has reflexes as good as mine, and brakes as good as my M.

More insidious, just experienced last night in the Potomac area, is the new tactic of hiding a second camera 50 yards past a more obviously placed box that one first encounters.....pure evil

In neighboring Prince Georges County, Md, the County has now resorted to placing cameras on the cameras - seems many are so perturbed by Big Brother that they are using the lenses of the speed cameras as bulls' eyes for target practice.

Soon we will have cameras that watch cameras that watch cameras.....

But of course, all of this is in the name of public safety.....I should note, I read a couple of days ago in the Washington Post, that DC has a $130 million dollar budget surplus - DC collected $65 million in speed photo fines - you can draw your own conclusion.

I have no problem with speeds cameras for school zones, hospitals, active work zones, but the cat and mouse game of placing cameras on roads where the average speed is considerably higher than the posted speed, and calling it public safety is insulting and offensive. The manner that speed cameras are being deployed constitutes a scheme to raise revenue. Politicians implicitly understand the inherent beauty of this scheme - the public coffers are replenished under the guise of public safety and politicians do not have to admit to raising taxes. (Some counties place restrictions on how the revenue can be spent - but this is a contentious ruse).

Call speed camera enforcement what it is - A TAX - and a very REGRESSIVE TAX - that hurts the financially stressed far more than more affluent persons - despicable given the wealth of the DC area.
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