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Mein Auto: 2006 bmw m5
what are other aftermarket warranties i can get>?

I have a 2006 bmw m5 and i am having trouble with my smg first i had problems with the increased emissions and check engine soon..i kept telling the dealership what was the problem and they could not fine it ..kept changing the shaftcrank cesor...anyway i am at 73000 miles and now the transmission bangs a little bit from 1 to 2 and 3 ...and on...but 70 percent of the time it is doinng this...the dealership is telling me its gonna cost me 900 to just look at it to find out whats wrong with it...and i think thats bull****...they should be able to tell me whats wrong with it before i pay for anything...all these computers and was wondering if it could be a clutch or sesor?...or something else there telling me it could be the transmission...but i dont believe that...they wanted me to trade my car in valued at 16000 dollars are you kidding wtf is wrong with these people and they wonder why audi and poruche are taking offf...and bmw is being left there an after market warranty that i can buy to protect me?...or what can this problem be...i have be telling the dealership aabout this problem since i was in warranty since i felt that the car was loseing power...but nothing still stupid anwsers...
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