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Originally Posted by godschariot View Post
yes same symptoms as you. did yiu read my post? thats not my engine and i replaced both tensioner pulleys already. i think my mechanical tensioner itself is suspect. i think i may buy a mechanics stethoscope and try to further diagnose it even though the tensioner is only $40.
My apologies - I have quality control issues regarding my replies when a professor is trying to teach me algorithm design and I'm here trying to find resources on greasing pulleys.

If you search "re-grease 3 belt pulley bmw," you should land at a link that has descriptive pictures of all the parts connected to the belts. I bought some wheel bearing grease from O'Reilly's and I'm going to attempt to perform the "regrease" tonight.

Have you considered just greasing all of the pulleys? Once you remove the fan shroud, everything's there and really quite easy to remove and inspect. There's a good DIY on removing the shroud from Beisan Systems. Once you find a pulley that has bearings with play in it, you've isolated one of the culprits. From what I've read over the last several days, this symptom seems to be caused by the idler pulley. Other symptoms I've read about are constant and include noise in any gear - my car doesn't make a noise when it's in park or neutral, so hopefully that's the case.

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