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My point is that BMW sells cars with this story about free maintenance and then CPO it to 100K and also sell me the extended maintenance (I got suckered into at the time for $2.5K...) but then tell me valves that look like Satan's Butthole are my problem, well that is BS.

Those valves look like Satan's rear end because of a mechanical flaw: it is not fuel related. And their warranty is supposed to cover the drivetrain: what can be more drivetrain than an engine missing and missing and missing?

The 2.5K for the extended maintenance is getting me two oil changes, a micofilter, and rear brake pads. Even a dealer has to blush about such a ripoff. What kills me about the brake job is that they claimed the rotors were good. Show me one brake job in the history of the universe off-warranty at the dealer in which they tell you your rotors are fine.

Any CPO car that is missing because of dirty valves should automatically be covered under warranty: it is a mechanical issue that resulted from poor design. A class action to get BMW to reimburse any uncovered valve cleaning should be filed immediately for all CPO owners.
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