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Originally Posted by dc2774 View Post
Just got back from the dealer with the same issue - its the fuel pressure regulator. Ask your tech to check the fuel pressure during the engine running, and then after shut off. He should notice a drop in fuel pressure. Sometimes the lines will have enough fuel pressure that it'll start right up and all is good - but sometimes it wont' and that's when you'll get the long crank. Tell them its a long crank error. Yes yes. I can see the jokes coming. Anyway, i've had my battery recharged, etc as well.

Hope that helps.
That's totally different...
I think this case has smth to do with CAS programming.
I know that you can programm it in e65 so it will start without brake pedal.
Also try to push your brake pedal stronger, it could be simple brake pedal button which got some water and has a bad contact, which tells your dme that you pressed the pedal or not. It's Usa version thing, I reprogrammed mine so it starts even without brake pedal pressed
Ps. That's funny your dealer didn't even check that brake button. It's not a simple brake light button, it has logic inside.
Simply try to start your car without pressing the pedal. You'll get exactly what you're describing: Ignition only, then press on the brakes and it will crank. 99.9 it's your issue. It happens in heavy rain or snow when water stays for long time therefore it evaporates everywhere and the button is the closest there.

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