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Originally Posted by vs123 View Post
In my opinion, the biggest issue with the 3-series is lack of prestige/status. In the past, the luxury car buyer would buy the 3-series for some sort "status" effect in addition to sport.

Now, the 3-series is too common to get much prestige and is associated as more of a fresh grad car. But with the F30, its no longer priced as a "fresh grad" car.
The typical 3 Series buyer is a 50 year old woman leasing a car she found on the lot with no sports options on it simply because it's a BMW and it makes her look socially acceptable at the nail salon.

The "fresh grad" car? Perhaps for the wealthiest 1% of America. Even the dirt-cheap $399 a month as-seen-on-TV special could qualify, but with the typical American family making $47,000 a year in income and making a $1,100 mortgage payment, they're not going to blow that kind of coin on a small people-mover.

Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post

I think the last "Fresh Grad" BMW may have been the 2002.

At this point in time the "enthusiast" market has aged. The Baby Boomers who were buying BMW 1600s and 2002s, and Camaro Z28s and Boss 302 Mustangs 40 years ago may be looking for something a bit more luxurious and comfortable but for the most part someone who owned a Z28 or a Boss 302 in 1969 is not interested in the 2012 version of a 1962 Coupe de Ville or Lincoln Continental. I attend a lot of automobile related events including track days, concours, car club meets, etc. and for the most part it is not a younger crowd.
That's it right there. The 3 Series rode the crest of the baby boomer era, more people in their 30's and 40's and 50's than ever before in human history these past two decades, but the boom ended in 1964, and you've got more boomers in their 70's and 60's than ever before and they need a car that's less sporty and more comfortable.

The whole argument is sort of silly. Once BMW releases a 1 Series Sedan, they'll have the opening pricepoint covered for a 4-door car. The 1 Sedan will be the size of the E46, the 3 Sedan the size of the E39, all problems solved, you wind up with two 3 Series Sedan sizes where there used to be just one.

Not directed at you CA, but until then, everyone needs to live with the realization that what used to be the 3 Series isn't anymore and it's not going to change. No grass-roots discussion forum whining is going to change that. We can all talk about what the car is and what the car isn't, but to proclaim that the F30 is a bad sportscar isn't fair as it's not intended to be a sportscar anymore.


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