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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
I think as long as BMW continues to call the 3 series the ultimate driving machine, it is fair to argue whether the new 3 has lost some driving dynamics or not, or whether the competitions have matched or passed it in driving dynamics.

As soon as BMW starts to call the 3 series the ultimate luxury machine, BJ you can petition to have these discussions banned.
To the average 3 Series owner "driving" is defined as "getting back to forth from work, taking the kids to school, taking a weekend trip". To the average 3 Series owner "driving" is not defined as "drive aggressively on public streets to get a 10 second thrill on a windy back road".

I don't want to have these discussions censored, ultimately that's what we're here for. It's a discussion forum, not a fanclub. Just seems that every week another thread is started as one thing disguised as another. "Cadillac ATS" and "This Month's Sales Results" become code for yet another "The F30 Is Too Big, Make An E46, You Suck BMW" thread. E90 and E46 owners attack the F30, F30 owners defend the F30, everyone gets upset, not really necessary to replay that 52 times a year as it's not going to change anything.

Go to the E90 forum and create a thread called "The F30 Sucks, So What's Our Next Move After Our E90's Have To Go?" and all we F30 owners will race over there and contribute so you get some adult feedback amidst the high school rhetoric. That work for you?

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