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@Flying man I greatly appreciate your insight, having owned an 02 MCS that had its IC on top of the engine I learned that ONE you had to have more air go thru the IC so I bought the M7 larger intake scoop, SECOND I also realized the car would run hotter so I bought the M7 180 degree thermostat and both these two items HELPED a whole in the performance of the car.

My problem is and eslewhere is that people tend to say they did this and that and trust me I listen carefully!! and i make my judgement later. The mere fact that there is so MUCH knowledge on some members of any board that can help that YET they sit back and say things thats not only annoys me but as well to others forum members, this happens in other forums I have been in also!!. Be PROACTIVE help yourself and others!!!

I also have learned thru trial and tribulations but it does not make me cynical or well knowledge, if you come and tell me that your new IC you made up and molded it to your "D" is giving you better mileage, so BE IT!! Im happy for you and you seem to know what your talking about then I will consider your saying, on the other hand ,dont come to me as an outsider and question me because I gave info that was relayed to me, GO ASK the source and question them!! not me!!!

I for one as well as another member of this board have been actively seeking and Installing aftermarket parts for ours cars as we speak, yes there is a WARRANTY issue, but read the Magnusson-Moss act, some of us violated that, and I am one of htem but, its a gamble, life is a gamble.

I would prefer someone to come and talk to me as well as others here if they have cojones!! and say "hey guys this is whats happening and we feel it is not going to work or it will work" and NOT I havent triesd it bought it wont work, F'That put your money where your mouth is!!

If I have offended anyone I do apologise but dont BULL**** a Bull****ter. I am here to help and partake any forum ideas & innuendos and i will be the first one to say the negative impacts, if you have read the EXECUHITCH issue and how I critsized them for their LACK of knowledge on their product!!! on our "D"s. to this day they have NOT contacted me, as i installed the hitch they requested photos and videos, HELL NO I wont give it up. I endure a painstaking problem installing it but I do give props to it it is by far the BEST HITCH for our "D"s. So now most of you know who I am. If you have any questions feel free to call me or PM I am not afraid to give out insight to anyone. Gracias!!
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