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Originally Posted by robertobaggio20 View Post
You have not tuned your engine as yet. Diesel flush the crankcase, run water/ethanol mix through the brake booster fitting, use 4 claw spark plugs or brisk silver spark plugs, run 1-3 quarts of diesel in your tank mixed immediately with a full tank of regular to clean out your fuel system, change/clean your air filter and fuel filter, use carb cleaner to ensure that your throttle body is free of carbon, make sure there are no vacuum leaks and no problems with the valve cover gasket, make sure that your rear diff and transmission oil is not dirty, use good thicker oil 40 or 50 weight to improve sealing in your engine, inflate the tires properly, go for a few WOT runs, and then see what your car feels like.

Make sure your tensioners and belts are tight and your pulleys are secure. Spray fan belt spray everywhere for good measure. Remove the fan clutch (test your aux fan first on both settings to confirm that it works perfectly, details in the Bentley manual). Then drive and see what your car feels like.

Then decide if needs any boosting.
You forgot checking the blinker fluid... Who told you the above procedure was a good idea? I wouldn't reccomend people do most of what you listed. Changing fluids and filters is one thing but some of your "flush" concoctions would never be run through my engine. Fan belt spray, seriously? I would go for fresh belts if needed but spray everywhere for good measure? Interesting.

The fact is, most BMW models come from the factory wound pretty tight. Seeking more power without boost just moves the power up the rev range where it is generally of less use to you. If you want a faster car, buy a faster one. You will spend 2-3k and be sorry you did so. Pony up 5k for the turbo and you will be more than satisfied.
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