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Mein Auto: 2002 5 Series
Whistle noise at lighter accels still present, Help!!!!

2003 BMW 325I Sedan------110,000 miles-----owned car for 1 year but previous owner is my future father in law. He has it for about 5-6 years all maintanence kept up to date.

I'm not mechanic or anything but I've tried to self diagnose this whistle noise but I still have this annoying whistle it seems described in about a dozen or more posts. The whistle started happening about 6 months ago. My fiancee drives the vehicle daily to and from work so I dont have to hear it that often. (Only when the vehicle needs something to be fixed, but she's complaining about this annoying whistle) I replaced both intakes boots that attached the intake to the MAF. (Both were cracked). Re-installed and whistle noise still there. I even went as far as to take it all apart again, about 4 months later and redo the job this time lubing all rubber pieces. Still get a light whistle during neighborhood driving speeds 1500 rpms or it can be heard when switching gears and light accel while driving down regular roads speeds of 30-50mph. Any suggestions what to check next? I do have a CAI on the vehicle but I've removed the intake and left only the intake boots with MAF attached and still get whistle during accel. I'm going to lubricate all the pulleys but if it were a pulley they seem to whine or you can hear the bearings starting to go. I've had several pulleys replaced due to the whine, a/c belt tensioner, idler pulley and belts. Not sure where to go now. Anyone else experiencing this same issue.
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