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Originally Posted by snowsled7 View Post
You forgot checking the blinker fluid... Who told you the above procedure was a good idea? I wouldn't reccomend people do most of what you listed. Changing fluids and filters is one thing but some of your "flush" concoctions would never be run through my engine. Fan belt spray, seriously? I would go for fresh belts if needed but spray everywhere for good measure? Interesting.
1. Try something before you knock it. Its the only way you'll snap out of the hypnosis of conditioning that we all fall victim to frequently.

2. I've been doing all those flushes for some years now with nothing adverse to my engine. I doesn't improve the performance now anymore admittedly, because I do have a clean engine.

3. The fan belt spray thing was something entirely new that I discovered by accident a few short months ago. Even if you don't have squeeking anywhere and even if your belts and tensioners appear to be working perfectly and are relatively new, use some of that spray on the belts according to the instructions on the can, and then go for a drive. You will see a difference - most people do. We can speculate as to why it works that way later.
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