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Leasing '13 328i, selling trade-in

Hello everyone from rainy Florida. Finally pulling the trigger this weekend and getting a 2013 328i sedan 30K/36 mo lease. We haven't worked on pricing negotiations yet - my patient sales advisor has spent all of his time so far searching for the right options/color/price combo. After reading through this forum the past few days (and months ago before) I'm far better prepared than being blind. BMWConfig helped with the invoice price and payment scenarios, however, this is my first lease, so I am still nervous about the "sale" meeting.

We are trading my fiancee's car, 2011 Mazda 3, 8,000 miles, bought as a purchase. She owes $3,500 on the loan, and the dealer already offered to take the trade and cut a check for the value. We haven't discussed trade values yet. This dealer is not owned/tied with any mainstream dealers (Mazda, Toyota, GM, etc.) so I am afraid they may not offer anything close to the $13,000 NADA says it's worth. I don't expect that honestly, but $8,000 won't do it. Any thoughts on this? Work with the dealer or drive down to Carmax? I know it's hard to judge without having numbers already, but I'm curious if anyone has experiences or advice to share. On a related note, if we go through the dealer, given the loan on the trade, will they apply the trade value straight away, and cut a check the same day, or will we have to wait for any of this?

As I've said, we haven't worked out any lease numbers, but the sticky on "New To Leasing" is committed to memory. The new 328i will be in my name only, though I understand she can have her name on the paperwork as well, with the higher-credit person used for financing rates. What can I expect for a MF being a new BMW customer with an average credit score of 805?

The plan is to do max MSD, little or no down payment (CCR) as possible. Any (hopefully) extra difference between funds required for purchase and her trade are going to our wedding fund.

I haven't bought a car in six years, and that was from a Chevrolet dealer my family knows better than they know me...(I used to work there, everything sold to us was well under invoice). My fiancee had a yo-yo scam pulled on her when she bought the Mazda last year (her first purchase and I was traveling on business, should never have happened). This BMW dealer has been great so far, but we're still cautious given our history of the first two sentences. We're both looking forward to finally having a good car, but before rushing into the deal, any opinions you have would be appreciated. Thanks!
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