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Originally Posted by Fudman View Post
Nice work. Hopefully, you used a dealer sourced Behr expansion tank. Otherwise, you may be redoing this in a few months. Like your radiator, Behr has some issues with where they make some parts. As you have found, it is also better to get the right parts and do EVERYTHING in a single DIY rather than to try and save a few bucks and doing it piecemeal.
The expansion tank is indeed sourced from the dealer. My service records for this car go up to 2004. So there is a large gap that is missing from that time till now. When I purchased the vehicle private party I took it to an indy to do some work on it. Some of the work that has been done included changing the belts in the car and adding an aluminum thermostat housing. This was done last year in august.

In early September of this year I took it to an indy for radiator installation with the behr that I have purchased. Unfortunately the part I gave them was defective. After that I decided to start wrenching on the vehicle myself, and I am glad I did. So far I have installed the radiator, upper and lower hoses, expansion tank, coolant temp sensor and added the brass bleeder screw. The water pump has not been changed and the fan clutch has not been changed. The vehicle is approaching 87,000 miles. I will get too them shortly in due time. Even though I frequent the forums and read about all the cooling system horror stories and the constant stating of preventive maintenance is key, I at times lean away from preventative maintenance. Sometimes I feel that if it isn't broke don't fix it. The expansion tank that I have changed was 14 years old and still worked, so I wonder what the lifespan of these components really are. I guess it differs from vehicle to vehicle and driving conditions.

This forum makes owning the e39 a better experience as many I am sure can attest to. A lot of amazing information and time as been put in by members to make this forum great. I wish I started working on the car earlier because I would have saved money from the beginning. But I am a beginner and all beginners start somewhere and well I guess now is my time.

Now I am off too research as to the cause of why my vehicle occasionally has the taillights blinking when the vehicle is left parked overnight. Living in an urban setting I am just hoping that some moron set off my alarm by bumping my car whilst parking, and it is not a battery and or alternator issue. The alternator in my car is from 1997 and the battery I am not sure about other then it is a interstate battery.

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