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Originally Posted by TechieTechie View Post
Hey all..what would you think about doing an OT Secret Santa? I found this on the other bimmer site, and given that we've all (well most) have been drunk together, I think we know each other enough to share gifts together. First post has the general guidelines that we could steal

Whaddya think?

EDIT: I must be thinking about Xmas as the weather here has been absolutely awful here this week...gray and rainy. Wait, did I move near Karl?
15. Can I send alcohol?

I will answer that question by offering a few data points:

-It is illegal to send someone below the legal drinking age alcohol.
-It is illegal to mail alcohol via USPS
-Depending on what state you live in, it might be illegal for you mail alcohol AT ALL.
-Depending on what state your person lives, it might be illegal to send them alcohol regardless of post method.
-I like receiving odd boozes from around the world.
-There is a thread in OT about how to pack alcohol.
This had me close to peeing myself.

Here's the link for those interested in how to ship the booze.
Originally Posted by hnaz View Post
I grew up in a time when the internet was just a baby. Grammar back then versus now... holy cow. You could watch the degradation of society as the internet became more mature.