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Originally Posted by pointandgo View Post
I've had my '11 E90 for over a year and it has less than 10K miles...5K now (I'm retired). The "service-based indicator" does not yet indicate an oil change yet...about 1k to go. I'm not an "oil freak" and have a lease.

As an aside, my oil level hasn't changed at all...still showing FULL!

My dealer called me today URGING ME to come in for an oil change. I asked them why, since the service-based indicator said otherwise. They gave some rather "fuzzy" explanation...saying that the oil should be changed after one year. OK. I asked them if they would re-set the service indicator. "Fuzzy" explanation again!

Nevertheless, I made an appointment with them and will MAKE SURE they re-set the service indicator.

BMW dealers must have some financial incentive from BMW NA to do this work!

Since they are QUITE FAR AWAY from me, I also insisted that they do the oil change while I wait...I DON'T WANT a loaner, and want the service done promptly. They "guaranteed" this. We'll see how it goes.

All this seems quite contrary to what other 'festers have reported: Oil changes done "under" the service based indicator were either refused, or the service indicator wasn't re-set!

Strange how different dealers treat this.
Dealers are paid by BMWNA for service/maintenance work, just as they are for warranty work.

Originally Posted by laser View Post
BMW recommends and you get free an annual oil change regardless of the mileage. Most folks like this. I do.

No reset of the mileage based oil change schedule means you get more oil changes (free) not fewer. Most people like this. I do too.

Any dealer will do this if you are too far away from your selling dealer.

I see where you might feel inconvenienced by this but hey .... worse things can happen!
In about December of 2010 BMWNA issued a new policy for low mileage oil changes. The new policy is 18 months between changes for cars that are driven fewer than 6,000 miles a year. So, a driver who drives 7,000 miles in a year would get an annual oil change. A driver who drives 5,900 miles in a year would get a low mileage oil change at 18 months.

Dealers file "claims" with BMWNA to receive payment for the work they perform and there is some flexibility. That is why the "rules" are not hard and fast. But, a dealer who does work outside the BMWNA guidelines risks not getting reimbursed. That is why some dealers are more flexible than others.

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