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Originally Posted by Keyser Soze View Post
I debated for years what to get to complement my well flogged 330 and finally chose a lightly optioned 535 (hoping to ward off electronic gremlins post year 7). I'll be the test monkey for long term ownership most likely as nearly everyone in the F10 forum is on a "3 year lease and turn it in plan" it appears (between shopping for $30k watches and debating 1st class/Business class flights).

A whole 3 weeks and 500 miles later I haven't regretted it. I can fit at least 5 bodies in the trunk, has plenty of power, is comfy as hell (especially coming from a tweaked out E46), handles great, the stereo/iDrive/integration stuff is fantastic, and it gets nearly 30mpg on the highway. Plus, my 64 year old mother can ride in it and not get carsick within 30 seconds and start complaining. That being said I'm still adding springs and an exhaust soon!

If budget allows the 330 will be replaced with an E46 M3 in about a year.

Also: Dan Neill was on that short lived Adam Corolla "The Car Show" not TGUSA, unless he was involved in the test pilot incarnations that Corolla was part of.
With the newer models, it`s a real tightrope act between buying used (and letting the PO take a huge depreciation hit) and taking your chances on possible repairs, and selling your left testicle to purchase/lease something new. A couple years back, I was casually pricing out the cost of building a fairly-well-optioned 535i Touring, (just for ha has), and almost puked when I saw the MSRP had jumped the $70,000 mark (!). Definitely have to re-think the logic on that one....
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